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11 September 2007 @ 11:06 pm
Sorry, I totally suck at updating.  


I am working on the next LC. If you haven't read the latest chapter(That is 'Grass' with Amanda), I suggest you stop reading this now and read the previous post in this community(And please be gracious to me and leave a comment!)

If you've been really wanting to read more of LC but can't get past the first chapter, then join this community. That way, I can perk up your day ~everyday~ =)

Read my other fics, too, if you haven't already(and comment, of course!).

But if you are in desperate need of other fics to read, I will gladly divert your attention to other places that house good fics!

Some of these are already in the profile.
Some of these will be soon. :)

- Liz is the original fic machine. She inspired me to write McFly fics. And she's my sister. Go. -

- This is owned by Danie. The fics here are meant to be hot and racy and make you fall in lovelust for those McFly boys. I look up to her for those sexy scenes. Go. -

- Fic Comm by the McFive. Basically, five girls who like McFly. It's really, really great because you get to see five different writing styles, all in one community! They even have a joint fic together. Go. -

- Two reasons. 1-Incredibly adorable comics about McFly. And 2-we are married. Go. -

- Ruby. =) I am impressed with her writing and I think that her stuff is worth a read! Go. -

- The concept of this comm is fantastic. The intro on their profile is self-explanatory:
Some people feel self-conscious about posting their stories, especially if it’s their first time. We were all McFly-slash virgins at one point! But this community is for everyone looking to become a better writer, or for anyone who’s just looking for a few tips and wants their questions to be answered.

Go on! -

If you would like to affiliate with tomia_fics, comment here!

La la la. reply with Questions/Comments if you've got any. ♥

mcruby on September 13th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
AAW! Thank you for making me an affiliate! And thanks for the compliment.. =)