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25 March 2008 @ 02:49 pm
Check for updates more easily!  
1)If you have Firefox, make sure you're on tomia_fics. Do you see that small orange box with white lines on the right end of the link bar? Click on it. Click the place you want to use to subscribe this page to(usually "Live Bookmarks") and click "Subscribe Now", and SHAZAM! tomia_fics is now on your bookmarks, and you get to see the latest posts before you click on it. Hopefully updated more often that I have been doing so within the last year...

2)Anyway, while you wait for more updates, check out the profile page, because I'm especially proud of my fic icons links. If you leave your mouse pointer on an icon, you see the titles to each fic(and for the ones incomplete, their last updates as well).

3)Took this from evolia:
The thing is, when people look for stories, they always make it sound like badfic. Now, often that's because it really is badfic, but sometimes it's good and they just suck at describing the story.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to summarize badly any one (or more!) of my stories and I'll try to guess which it is. You could even pretend you don't remember the pairing or fandom to make it harder to guess.

Make me laugh? I don't care if anyone summarizes the same fics. Tomia needs a laugh. :)
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